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Frostburg CSO Elimination Project Phase IX-B Stoyer Street Corridor

About this Bid:

The work consists of the following: separation of the existing combined sewer system, grading, paving, installation of storm drain system, installation of sanitary drain system, installation of new waterline, renewal of existing sanitary, storm and water connections, and the installation of concrete sidewalk and curbing, seeding and mulching, and other miscellaneous work.

Please complete and return the attached form letting us know of your intention to bid/not to bid this project with us.

Plans, specifications and addenda may be examined at:

   ▪ www.thebeltgroup.com Username: CB20070 / Password:  STOYER (Must be all CAPS)

   ▪ Our Office @ 11521 Milnor Avenue / Cumberland, MD 21502

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Bid Start Date:

Bid End Date: 05/04/2020

Bid Time: 12:00pm


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Organizer Name: George Guthrie

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Phone: (301) 729-8900


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