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Purple Line Outreach Event

On: 06/22/2021

About the Event

Maryland Transit Solutions would like to invite you to attend a virtual Outreach Event to learn about remaining opportunities on the Purple Line project. This event will be led by the Maryland Transit Solutions Diversity & Inclusion Team, including Dragados and OHL as Joint Venture partners.

During the event, we will re-introduce you to the MTS team, review current project completion percentages, cover the DBE goals on the project, discuss the upcoming bid packages available (early start scopes are currently in development) and review the timeline and next steps. (Please note: If you attended our first outreach event in May, we will be going over a more detailed list of upcoming bid packages during this event.

We encourage you to attend!)

Meet the Primes & Happy Hour

Event Logo

On: 06/24/2021

About the Event

Join us for a unique, in-person networking event at the ABC’s Construction Education Academy at the Skillforce Center. We will host general contractors in separate rooms, where subcontractors will have the opportunity to meet each personally. Each room will have a facilitator or ‘sponsor,’ along with the limited number of subs.

Associate Members: Sponsorship available for this event!
See registration links for details

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