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MBE Participation Montgomery College

About this Bid:

BoMark Electric is bidding the Montgomery College and we’re looking for MBE Participation.

Bid Due Date is 7/17/2020 noon so please have your proposal emailed to me by 7/16/2020 COB.

This is a wage scale job. All information on wage scale is detailed in the specifications

We need an overall of 30% with sub-goals of 7% African-American and 4% Asian-American.

Attached above is our MBE/WBE Contractor Bid Solicitation Letter; please read for more information regarding the bid.

Below is a link for Specs, Drawings and Addendums. This link will be updated by me anytime an addendum is released so please check daily. (email will follow anytime I update the link)

Link for all plans/ spec



Special Instructions:


Bid Start Date:

Bid End Date: 07/17/2020

Bid Time:


Organizer Name: Woody Perdue

Organizer Description:

Commercial Construction Division

Phone: (443) 895-1910


United States
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