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Locust Grove Force Main and LaVale Water Main Replacement ITB

About this Bid:

The Project generally consists of constructing approximately 3,300 linear feet of buried 20-inch diameter PVC force main piping; 4,800 linear feet of buried 24-inch diameter PVC main piping, 210 linear feet of above ground (bridge crossing) 20-inch diameter main ductile iron piping, 1,750 linear feet of above ground 24-inch diameter ductile iron piping, pipe supports, valves, other various pipe appurtenances,

retaining wall replacement, 5,100 linear feet of 12-Inch PVC water main, 140 linear feet of 10-Inch PVC water main, 185 linear feet of above ground (bridge crossing) 10-inch diameter water ductile iron piping, retaining wall replacement and restoration.

Special Instructions:


Bid Start Date: 11/09/2020

Bid End Date: 11/09/2020

Bid Time: 12:00 Noon


Organizer Name: Dave Snyder

Organizer Description:

Phone: (301) 729-8900


United States
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