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JD Vrtual Office Service

We provide you with professional, administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance for the client from our home office

Business Description

Respond to phone calls and messages
  Handle client inquiries by phone or e-mail
  Handle and respond to correspondence
  Manage contact list and customer spreadsheet
  Maintain your calendar and set up meeting
  Arrange & set-up conference calls or on line video      conferences
  Manage and set-up outside meetings, luncheon or needed      events
  Can handle billing and accounting information      (Quicken & QuickBooks)
  Can create minimal contracts and procedures
  Can set-up business related web site and e-mail      addresses
  Prepare, collate and ship proposals and materials
  Manage and set-up outside meetings
  Manage your employees HR issues
  Blog and Face Book Creation
  Sells on E-Bay

(443) 759-6390

P.O. Box 16272 Baltimore, MD
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
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