Martin Manesu

Ram Supply Company “Supply Company of the Year”


Martin Manescu grew up in Randallstown, Maryland and attended Mount St. Joe High School. Growing up in Randallstown, he came up through the Randallstown Optimist Sports Program where he engaged in team sports and athletics.

Ram Supply Company was originally founded by Martin’s father Ted Manescu, a Romanian Immigrant. In 2005 he purchased the company from his father making him the sole stockholder. He has since then taken the company from solely a janitorial supplier to include other supply commodities such as office, packaging, food service and protective wear supplies.

Martin believes strongly that the core values of the company are an integral part of what makes Ram Supply successful. Diversity and Inclusion are two of the values he is most proud of and demonstrates his devotion by maintaining 85% of the employee composition being women, minorities and LGBT.

Martin is constantly searching for products to not only sustain his client’s needs, but to find more environmentally friendly products because he feels that social sustainability is not only a business opportunity but everyone’s duty to do their part to ensure ensuing generations enjoy the same if not better living conditions. He is also passionate about making sure his clients receive what they need at an affordable cost and in a timely manner.

Martin is a supportive friend, and an impeccable leader. He shows his employees the upmost respect, and ensures that everyone feels safe and valued for their own uniqueness. Martin runs Ram
Supply with a strong level of respect and integrity while ensuring the company’s core values such as mutual respect, integrity, innovation, diversity & inclusion and social sustainability are reflected through his mentoring, training and internal policies.

Martin is father to two French Bull Dogs and you can find Martin and his husband Angel taking long walks in Federal Hill with their French bulldogs, Hugo and Victor while they enjoy the hidden gems that Baltimore has to offer.