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About this Bid:

We, IPR are preparing to bid this project and we want to involve as many DBE/MBE firms as possible.  It was suggested to reach out to you to see if you could share these opportunities to your members and post the bid on your website.  Below is the project information and scopes we are subcontracting.

Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

IPR NE, LLC – ITB  Minority Sub Quotes (MBE/SLBE)

WSSC – Sewer replacement/Rehabilitation IDIQ Contract No. CI5335A17 Task No. 17 for Northeast Branch Basin

Scopes Needed:


Open cut work

Installation of new sewer line

Replace existing sewer pipe

Replace sewer house connection

External point repair

Installation of cleanouts

Installation of new manhole

Locate Buried Manhole

Reset MH Frame and Cover

Road Restoration

Concrete Sidewalk & Driveway

Curb & Gutter Replacement

Gravel- Trench Backfill

Borrow Material – Trench Backfill

Erosion Control

Traffic Control

Lateral Lining

Lateral- Mainline Interface sealing – Lateral rehab sub

Internal Spot Repair – Lateral Rehab Sub

Manhole Lining – Cementitious Reconstruction

Approved Manufacturers.

IPA systems, Inc.

Octocrete (trowel).

Drycon (brush or trowel) (Non-Structural Application only).

Drycon SM (spray gun).

Drycon SMF fiber reinforced.

The Strong Company, Inc.

Strong-Seal MS-2A.

Strong-Seal MS-2C (mild corrosion resistance).

Strong-Seal High Performance (high corrosion resistance).

AP/M Permaform.

Permacast MS-10,000 (corrosion resistant).

Permacast MS-10,000 with Con-Shield (anti-bacterial additive).

Permacast CR-9,000 (calcium aluminate cement) (trowel).


F-120 Underlayment (calcium aluminate cement) (trowel).

F-120 FC Fast Setting Underlayment.

F-121 Substrate Resurfacer.


Aluminaliner (calcium aluminum cement).

WBE Dorcas, Inc.

Dinjer CMS 10K-A

Parson CA liner 100+

Madewell Products Corporation

Mainstay® ML-72™

Mainstay® ML-CA™

Mainstay® ML-PF™

Or Equal.

Chimney Seal –

Approved Manufacturers.

Cured In Place Liner


CIPMH Chimney.

Or Equal.

Manhole Lining – Epoxy Liner

Approved Manufacturers.


Sewer Gard No. 210 Sprayable.

Sewer Gard No. 210 Rotary Spray.

Sewer Gard No. 210G (Non-Structural Application Only)

Sewer Gard No. 210 FS

Hi-Build Filler Compound No. 209HB (Non Structural Application



Raven 400S (Non Structural Application Only).

Terre Hill.

Hydropoxxy (Non Structural Application Only).

AP/M Permaform.

Cor+Gard (Non Structural Application Only)

SprayRoq, Inc.

SR6100 (Non Structural Application Only). .

Warren Environmental, Inc.

S-301-14 Epoxy Spray System.

M-301-18 Epoxy Trowel-On Mastic System.

S-301-20 Thermaflex (Non Structural Application Only).

SG-201 Injection Grout (Non Structural Application Only).

WBE Dorcas, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

Dinjer SG Mastic – Two Part Epoxy.

Epoxytec CPP – Sprayable.

Parson Environmental Products

Parsonpoxy SEL-80

Parson RPM

Parson Quick Plug

Madewell Products Corporation

Mainstay® DS-5™

Or Equal.

Special Instructions:


Bid Start Date:

Bid End Date: 09/17/2019

Bid Time:


Organizer Name: Sherrie Sommerville

Organizer Description:

Estimating Administrator

Inland Pipe Rehabilitation | Corporate

website: teamipr.com

Phone: (832) 948-4541


United States
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