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Maryland Register Proposed Regulatory Changes

1) Landscape Architects – Continuing Professional Competency Requirements: “The purpose of this action is to adopt regulations to require licensees to demonstrate continuing professional competency by completing 24 hours of professional development activities as a condition of renewal of license.” Download

2) Board of Boiler Rules: “The purpose of this action is to amend Maryland’s existing boiler and pressure vessel regulations to align with industry practice and current industry consensus standards. These amendments clarify what is required to operate, inspect, and own a boiler or pressure vessel, including historic boilers. The proposal amends provisions related to inspections, hearings, installation/re installation, portable boilers, reporting requirements, quality assurance programs, safety appliance removal, and historic boilers.” Download


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Trade Point Atlantic – By Invitation Only Event

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2018                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ...

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